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Mullet of the Week – Issue 16

This week’s Mullet of the Week is a retired New Zealand Sevens work horse, playing in the 2016 Summer Olympics and finishing his Sevens career with 33 competition appearances, 169 games, 65 tries and 807 points. 

Nexus: Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and where are you from?

Gillies: I’m Gillies Kaka. Grew up all over, started off in Wairarapa, moved over to New Plymouth, then I moved to Hawkes Bay. I’m now settled up in the bush in Katikati.

Nexus: Take us through your mullet journey. Where did it all begin?

Gillies: I always wanted a real tidy mullet but my hair didn’t allow that so I had to go the opposite way and go dirty.

Nexus: How would you describe your mullet?

Gillies: One of a kind. It appeals to a bunch of different crowds too. Tie it up and it’s business or let it out and it’s full party mode. 

Nexus: What or who inspired you to get a mullet?

Gillies: I went for practicality in a mullet. I originally had full dreads but found it better having a mullet cause I could wear hats. 

Nexus: How long have you had the dreads?

Gillies: I’ve had dreads for about a year. Maybe a year and a half. I had a full head of dreads cut them off and started again. 

Nexus: What are your mullet plans?

Gillies: I’m unsure of what lies next. I’m looking for ideas and inspiration at the moment.

Nexus: What kind of car do you drive?

Gillies: I drive a toyota hilux 

Nexus: What’s your favourite way to spend a night on the town?

Gillies: I actually prefer a real good shed or house party over town and a slab of Double Browns.

Nexus: What’s your favourite quote?

Gillies: Business in the front, party out back. It’s a quote that can relate to both mullets and life in general. Get the job done and have some fun.

Nexus: What is one of your favourite rugby memories? 

Gillies: Playing Wellington Sevens and winning the tournament in front of my family.

Nexus: What does your Mrs. think about your mullet? Does she have any plans to get one?

Gillies: She is praying for a haircut everyday. I’ve put the double trouble couple mullet to her but she’s not buying it. 

Nexus: Any words of wisdom for people out there considering getting a mullet?

Gillies: Everyones gotta start somewhere so don’t get mullet envy and just do you. 

Nexus: And lastly, any plugs you want to put out there?

Gillies: Shout to speed dealers and mullets. Almost impossible combo to beat.