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Letter From The Editor – Issue 16

Two weeks ago was when I placed my first footprint on campus as a student since lockdown, and I swear those steps up to management block don’t get any easier. Nevertheless, I reached the top, hiding my airless lungs so bystanders wouldn’t look at me in such disgrace. Pulling myself together ever so quickly, the pavement and seating that the Management School had to offer were breathtaking (no pun intended). I didn’t have air as it was, so a 360 twirl was my only option – what a start to the week, fitness, and views. I went into the one class that required a face to face lecture – Mothballs! Dust and mothballs were the aromas slapped in my face. A minor setback, but hey, it was good to be back in class.

The middle of the week arrived, and the new normal had started to settle in, I was facing more readings, downloads, and views of my lecturer’s homes and offices. Not a bad thing at all, but if I was to take it back to when Panopto affiliations and silent protests were happening (a dramatic description I know), the thought of skipping class and relying heavily on lecture recordings was a petition worthy subject. Now you can pay for face to face lectures to search Youtube and watch pre-recorded videos. I guess I can’t complain, right? As I see, the four required readings for this week’s notification pop up due for discussion in class in 2 hours.

Bothered was an understatement. The Management hill climb was looking rather delectable and mothballs, sore calves, readings heavier than my scales, assignments due in a week, and a faculty I don’t study for looks better than mine – life’s good, I promise.

At this point, the week’s end couldn’t come faster, alongside the unique experience my Zurkshop (Zoom+Workshop) had to offer. Nothing to put me off course but enough to think “shit, if I was worried about my bedroom being messy for my parents, what were 36 other students going to think?” (as I stuff all my blankets to the side out of the view of the camera 👀). While I’m on the subject of others’ thoughts – online discussions have been heavily present throughout this semester to ensure participation and attendance. I am one of those students and many who are hesitant to raise your hand in class discussions. The thought of being out of context is daunting – however, with these discussions, not only what you are writing could be out the gate, your reply is viewed for all to see until the end of Trimester. This, and your name at the top of the comment is accompanied by the picture you took in first year, reminding yourself that you have come a long way (in all shapes and sizes).

It’s now Saturday 8:16 am to be exact and it’s that time of the year – 8 am + kids + Sports = coffee carts, gumboots and bed hair with a slice of attitude so finding a wrap up for the weekly update of my life you didn’t ask for is a must. The Moral of this pointless story is; if life gives you a lemon tree and you are not thirsty – then walk up and down the Management steps. Which is where you will find me doing the same thing (in moderation).