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Mullet of the Week – Issue 15

Josh responded to an online call for local mullets. Through a previous WSU President, we found this crusty, dusty, mulleted man and we’re stoked that we did.

Nexus: Tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you and where are you from?

Josh: I’m Josh. I’m a tradie from the fuckin’ city of Tauranga. Lived here my whole life – went to Mount College, learnt fuck all and became a glazier like my old man. Can’t say I’d change a thing aye. It’s a humble life. Love a good piss up and some quality drum and bass.

Nexus: Take us through your mullet journey – where did it all begin?

Josh: I’d have to say it all began back in 2013 when I broke away from the current hair trends at the time and got myself a skullet at the tender age of 14. Unfortunately it wasn’t very favourable with the ladies so I had to part ways. Luckily, a mullet is like herpes, it might fade away for a little while but it’ll always come back.

Nexus: How would you describe your mullet?

Josh: My mullet is something of a revolution; old school with a modern twist. Something you’d take to a business meeting and the dance floor.

Nexus: What or who inspired you to get a mullet?

Josh: I would have to say about 60% of my mullet was inspired by Riff Raff AKA Neon Python AKA Jody Highroller AKA Mr. Lamborghini Leg Lock AKA Aquaberry Backfist. The other 40% was inspired by bogan pricks in AU Falcons.

Nexus: What are your mullet plans?

Josh: Grow her out and keep the party going. Maybe a fuckin’ dread or two if she stays healthy. Nothing fancy just straight up function. I wanna be able to take this baby anywhere.

Nexus: What kind of car do you drive?

Josh: Mate, just like the mullet, nothing too fancy aye. I’ve got the trusty Mazda Familia that’s been on my ‘rents front lawn for three months and a Nissan Urvan that’s geared up with glass frails and about 60 horsepower.

Nexus: What’s your favourite way to spend a night on the town?

Josh: Pit Vipers, a box of Waikatos and the fuckin’ breathers. Hit any spot that plays quality drum and bass and the rest is history.

Nexus: What’s your favourite quote?

Josh: “Sometimes she goes boys, sometimes she doesn’t go, but that’s just the way she goes.”

Nexus: Any words of wisdom for people out there considering getting a mullet?

Josh: Mate, why wouldn’t you? Seperate yourself from the pack. If your misses says “nah, do it”, I did and she loves it. It has all the benefits of long hair without getting shit in your face.

Nexus: And lastly, is there anyone you want to thank?

Josh: Just my parents for blessing me with these locks, everyone who’s supported me through this journey and the bro at Relentless on Maunganui Road who formed this masterpiece.

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