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Curtrichy YouTube Channel Review

Since uni has started, I have actually had to start doing things other than relaxing on my couch. I need to do work for my papers now which is annoying. However, instead of being productive and doing that, I find myself coming to campus and procrastinating by watching YouTube videos. Whilst bored and scrolling through my recommended feed one day, I stumbled upon a channel called CurtRichy. After clicking on the link to his channel, the first thing I noticed was his channel banner. It has the tagline “discussing things I probably shouldn’t”. I was instantly intrigued and with titles like ‘I Made a Girl Cheat on her Boyfriend’, ‘Why I Don’t Want a Hot Wife’ and ‘How College Ruined My Life’ (that one hitting a little close to home but okay).

Curt’s videos consist of him discussing his opinions on things as a twenty-something black man living in America. He mostly talks about relationships and dating, making a point of how sad, lonely and desperate he is but has also touched on topics such as lying, his college experiences, procrastination and getting a summer job.

Based on the very clickbait-y and out-there titles of his videos, you’d think that he would be rambling about something that hardly anyone would agree with but I find that I agree with too many of his points. One video, in particular, called ‘Why I Hate Having Crushes’ was particularly relatable to me at the time I watched it. Whilst not spoiling it, he makes a lot of points about how you are blindly into your crush and how infatuation with one person can make you overthink things. I was watching this video and thinking “oh shit, that makes a lot of sense. I relate too much to this.” Since he’s around the typical uni student’s age, the content he makes is something we could all relate to in a way. We all hate the idea of having an awkward conversation or have had a blinding crush on someone. Curt chooses to talk about his experiences to everyone on the internet.

Curt has a very chill and laid back personality that makes you feel like you’re talking with a friend. He’s really funny and clever in the way he goes about presenting his points. He has a very blunt and self-deprecating sense of humour that I enjoy watching and I think a lot of us can appreciate. His dynamic with his editor Vibi is also another highlight of his content. She basically chimes in as a voice of reason in his videos for when his logic gets a little crazy (which is frequent).

I also feel like I should give a special mention to his other channel Recreyo where he and fellow YouTubers CypherDen, ChillyPanda, Ivan Animated and Frugal Aesthetic come together and talk their way through these hypothetical situations such as being trapped in Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory or escaping a crisis bunker. It’s unscripted and they are basically having a massive conversation. It is hilarious and I love it. However, it’s a relatively new channel with only six videos on it so far. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them.

CurtRichy has been on YouTube for about four years and only has 224K subscribers on his channel. Recreyo is a relatively new channel but only has about 40K subscribers. Both channels definitely deserve more love. So if you want to find a new channel or want to procrastinate like me, then go check out these channels for a good laugh.