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Drinking Games – Issue 14

King’s Cup

Kings cup is a classic, odds are you know a version of it, but Nexus has created a set of standard Hamilton rules to stop the awkward “let me find a set of rules and stare at my phone for the duration of this game” moment.
First, place a large cup in the middle of a group of people, or just you if you have a problem. Surround the cup in cards ensuring they are face down, form a circular shape and that there are no breaks in the circle.
Cards are pulled randomly, and if you break the circle first, you must drink. Pulling a King means you must fill up a portion of the cup with any amount you see fit. The person who draws the last King must finish the contents of the cup, and the game is done. Each other card has a specific rule associated with it.

A- WaterfallStart a waterfall; the person to the left of you can only stop drinking once you have. The waterfall applies to all players2- Two for youChoose a friend to drink twice.3- Three for meSorry, you must drink three times.4- Wh***s Ladies drink.5- Never have I everFive fingers up, one down for everything you’ve done. First one out drinks.6- DicksLads drink.7- Thumbmaster For the duration of the game, you can place your thumb on the table at any time; the last person to notice drinks.8- MatePick a pal who drinks every time you do for the rest of the game.9- RhymeStart a sentence; the last word is the rhyming word. First, to repeat or take too long drinks.10- Categories“A ship came into the harbour carrying a load of…” Pick a category and go around the circle.J- RuleMake a rule; whoever breaks it first must drink.Q- Question master If you ask a question and someone answers with anything other than “fuck you question master” they must drink. Previous Next


Place as many cups as you like in a circle and fill up with your drink, then place an elevated cup in the middle. The cup in the centre is the communal cup; therefore, everyone pours a bit into it. With a ping pong ball, you must bounce it off the table and into an opponent’s cup. If you land it in theirs, they must drink, refill their cup, and it is now their turn. If you land it in the middle cup, you all must drink, flip your cup over and land it bottom’s up from the edge of the table. The last one to do so must finish the communal cup. The game ends when someone drops their sack


In teams of two, place two cans at each corner of a long, suitable table, two for your team, two for the other team. The aim of the game is to throw a ping pong ball at any of the opposition’s cans at the far side of the table. Once their can is struck, you must drink your can while the opposition seeks to return the ball (which has ricocheted in any direction) to the table. One member of the opposition must find the ball, and the other must stay in place, catch it with one hand and place it back on the table. Once the ball is returned, stop drinking immediately. It is now the competition’s turn. Once you are confident your drink is finished, you must hold it above your head for 3 seconds. If any drips fall out, you must get another can so be sure to get those last dregs. The winner is the first to clear their cans. Play with one ball talking every second turn for your team.


For stack cup, form a diamond-shaped formation of cups in the centre of a table. Use as many you want for how stupid you plan on getting. Fill each cup in the centre with a reasonable amount of everyone’s drinks. Now place two empty cups at opposite ends of the table, and place a ping pong ball with each. The aim is to bounce the ball into the empty cup and pass it to the left once you’ve done so with the goal of catching the other cup. Once the opposite cup has been caught up with, place your cup into it and assert your dominance. If you are in possession of the caught cup, pass the 2 cups, that are now stacked, shamefully to the left, grab a communal cup and drink. Once this is empty, pathetically repeat your attempts at bouncing the ball into your new cup. This fresh cup, once empty, becomes a chasing cup. Keep playing until all the communal cups are gone. This game is always more fun with more people.