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Diminutive Post – Issue 14

Late 90’s model farm ute still starts but requires push 

A local farmer operating just out of Te Awamutu has rolled his 1997 Toyota Hilux for the 6th time in his 19 years of ownership. Despite walking out unscathed the car in question appears to have taken some damage. “Yeah I just took a bit of risk down on the slopes, been a bit wet lately is all” states Darryl, a hard-as-nails, 61 year old farmer. Darryl, who has no problem saying it how it is, informs us of his ute’s road-worthiness. “ It’s no worries though, she still runs sweet, just get out and give us a push will ya?” Despite the car’s six rolls and two crashes over its career the vehicle managed to get rolling and splutter into life. With the help of the Nexus team and a textbook hill start from Darryl himself, the car was soon away and heading into town. God’s speed Darryl.

Fresher get’s holiday job, lives the tradie life

Cameron, a Saint Kent’s old-boy broke down his work role over the recent 3-week break. “Yeah really did some mahi and added a cheeky couple of minutes on to me smoko ” Cameron stated to Nexus, “Don’t tell the bossman”. Cameron, or Cam to his friends took up a job as building labourer at his dad’s company. His father, Clarke, the aforementioned “bossman” and owner could not have been more proud. “He really got out there and did some hard yards”. Nexus interviewed some of the full-time workers of Clarke’s company and found site manager,Will, who was more than willing to share his thoughts. “Yeah he nearly cried his first day on site, and the second day he was just snapchatting his high-vis the whole time, he was just like Oscar Pistorious’s bathroom; a fucking mess”. Chin up Cam!

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