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Top Ten – Issue 13

10. The Mature Student – Give it a rest champ, put that hand down, your arm must be tired.

9. Uber Eats Discounter – It’s only a one time coupon but I feel bad for turning you away.

8. Hillcrest Road Vaper – Mmmmmm I like the way you flavour my air.

7. Lanyard Fresher – Little wounders on a warpath.

6. Technologically Impaired Professor – For the love of all that is holy please work out how to use zoom.

5. Lake Fisherman – Yummy yummy carp.

4. Sausage Sizzle Cook – The people’s hero bringing joy to the joyless and lunch to the lunchless.

3. The Morning Horn – Turns up every morning dusty, contributes less than fuck all to the group assignment but has the most social skills. 

2. Hot College Hall fresher – Self explanatory. 

1. David Bennett handing out pens – Please David, just one more pen? I promise to vote for you. 

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