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Blind Date – Issue 13

They say three’s a charm so we thought we sent three couples off to night of comedy, free booze, free fries and the chance of finding their soul-mate, or just something to keep them warm for that night, which ever way you swing it. With Guy William’s comedic talent in the background, the theory was with 3 times the opportunity would come three times the fireworks.

he said

I arrived and was shortly joined by the 5 others. Props to Nexus for setting us guys up with 3 pretty gals. Mostly everyone seemed very sociable so there weren’t many awkward moments. I immediately threw controversial questions into the mix like: cats or dogs? However, after we had only spent a short time talking, the comedy event started and we spent the rest of the time watching the stage instead of getting to know each other. After some good stand-up performances and more alcohol, I was ready to actually get the date going properly when all daters made the move to leave with no offer to exchange numbers. It seemed like nobody on the date was feeling a vibe with anyone and had no interest in prolonging the struggle. At least everyone was polite about it. It was my birthday so thanks to Nexus for making sure we had plenty of food and booze and thanks to the daters for turning up. There was no chemistry but it didn’t feel like we got a chance to create any. Anyway, we all promised to write crazy lies as write ups about this so here goes: We moved on to The Outback, got roaringly drunk and then had an orgy at someone’s flat as the comedy host suggested.


First of all, I don’t know what the rules are on a six-person date, or if there are any rules. Are we obliged to pursue the girl seated in front of us, or is it just free game? Or do we all just chuck our keys in the bowl? Who knows. Anyways, I rocked up and was pleasantly surprised to meet one sweet and cute law student on one end and a couple of stunning college hall smokeshows on the other. After the standard what do you study and where are you froms are passed around, the group settled into some all good chat. With a couple hours of comedy ahead of us I could tell that there was just a limited window of opportunity to do some ground work. There was some talk of Hospo at the outback, being a 5th year student myself I felt both scared and excited. Then the comedy started and I realized that the slim chances I had at making something out of this were probably fucked. I was mentally prepared to be roasted by the MC, but we managed to get off pretty lightly. To cut a short story even shorter, the night ended as most nights do – me, in bed, by myself, watching conspiracy theories on YouTube. Would I want it any other way? Yeah, probably. Overall it was a fun time, cheers Nexus for putting on the spread and big ups to WSU for the epic gig.


We all love when a drinking night turns into your mate grabbing your phone to message nexus about their blind date, and now here we are. We all know the traditional date of one-on-one, out for drinks, well, nexus likes to make things awkward throwing 6 people on the same table during the comedy night. Did the usual, threw back a couple of drinks and head down to the good old WSU basement. Got shown to the table having no expectations of the night at all (thank goodness). Meet the other 5 people and had the normal chat of ‘what do you study?’ and ‘where are you from?’ with obviously someone having to say Auckland with their head looking down ahah. We all talked for a little bit before the night start and of course, all three girls did the ‘I need to go to the bathroom, do you?’ now we all know what they went to talk about there…. Once the comedy night started there wasn’t really any other time to talk and actually get to know anyone (kinda awkward) so I can’t say I would bring another first date to a comedy night. All in all was a good night (can’t complain with free drinks). Thanks to Nexus and the other dates. P.S shot to the girl who took the rest of my pizza.

she said

My nexus horoscope for the week had encouraged me to get swiping right, so when I saw the opportunity for a blind date I knew it had to be a sign from the universe. Getting free food and watching comedy show sounded like a great time.

Not going to lie to you all, I could barely tell you a thing about the guys on the date because we hardly got to speak to each other. Not like in an uncomfortable way but because we couldn’t really chat as the show was going on so we just had to squeeze chats into the breaks. I appreciate the guy who swapped pizzas with me because I had ended up with a pineapple pizza (no judgement, its just not for me). All 3 of the guys were friendly and chatty, same with the other girls.

By the end of the show we had all probably had more alcohol than chances to have a conversation, and we all just stood and went our separate ways.

Overall, I got some free food, free alcohol, and got a laugh out of the comedy show so it wasn’t the worst date of my life. Best believe I took the party to Hospo night, but alas no successes. Shoutout the pineapple pizza cutie, saw you at the gym the next morning. Wish I could have seen your leg press because I want a manz that can’t beat my 200kg reps


My friend and I luckily got asked to go on the blind date together. Honestly thank fuck for that because I wouldn’t have had the balls to go by myself. We kicked off the night by having a few quiet ones at mine before heading off down to the student union building Not going to lie we were quite rolled by the time we rocked up but still able to form semi-intellectual sentences. First thoughts… what were we doing here on the first night of re o week with people who seemed twice our age. The guys all seemed pretty timid but friendly enough. Free alcohol kept flowing as the night went on. Due to it being a comedy night not too many words were exchanged between the six of us other than during the intermission. I forgot everyone’s names within the first ten seconds of meeting them. The comedians were definitely worth the outing but I can’t say the same for the dating prospects. One guy unknowingly spilt a whole glass of wine on me – lovely. Us three girls headed off to the bathroom at one point to yarn about the evening as girls do. At the start of the night I could have been keen to continue onto into town but my friend and I sobered up from the lack of chemistry – even though we were downing the free piss. All in all, everyone at the date was good quality. Cheeky follow on Insta for one of the lads who scrubbed up well and he even slid in the DM’s the same night. However… the night ended like a year 7 disco; in bed, by myself, before 10pm. Cheers Nexus for the free pizza, drinks and unnecessary condoms. 

Not going to lie going on a blind date was probably the last thing I wanted to do after reading about some of the horror stories in the Nexus Magazine. But when the opportunity to go on a triple date along with one my mates came up we couldn’t really pass on it. I was 100% committed to the date when we heard they would be supplying the food and copious amounts of alcohol at a comedy show with Guy Williams. We decided going sober wasn’t
really an option, so we thought it was best to pick up a box before heading down and made our way down to WSU after definitely having a few too many.
Everyone seemed nice enough and were going through the alcohol pretty quick which was a good sign. The 3 of us girls managed to sneak away pretty quick to have a chat about what might go down in the next 2 hours… Have to say the comedy provided a lot more entertainment than anything that was going to happen at the table during a comedy night. Overall it was a good night but not too sure how well a date can end with 6 people. Taking everyone’s pizza after they left was definitely a highlight, we probably couldn’t have asked for a better ending.