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Rugby Haps of the Week – Issue 12

Rugby haps of the week in NZ 

Dan Carter – The legend himself was conducting a Facebook livestream on Friday to connect with his fans when disaster struck. “Can you sober drive me?” was dropped in the chat, and before long he was being hounded by hundreds of Breathers asking if he could pick them up.

Beauden Barrett – This man is currently playing a flawless game at fullback, with critics claiming that he is playing his way into that role for the All Blacks if he keeps it up. Unlucky that he’s off overseas, but money talks.

Chiefs – I don’t even know where to start. Where is the Mana? The MANA?!?!? Bottom of the table with four losses, it’s just tearing our hearts up. Can they bring it back, from the very back? Let’s hope so.

Blues – We need to talk about the Blues. The first couple games we all had a laugh at their supporters and said it was going to be downhill from there. But it hasn’t, What is going on in that camp? What did Dan bring back from France that we can’t get in New Zealand? Goodness me they’re sharp now.

Sevu Reece – The man is fast, unstoppable, and has been putting away points for the Crusaders. Let’s leave it at that. 

Hurricanes – They’ve finally got some points on the board in what was a well fought victory over the Highlanders. This week it is crucial that they one up our Chiefs to keep their hopes alive. Let’s hope that our boys step up to the plate. 

The Streaker – I think this bloke was up for man of the match at the Highlanders game in Dunedin. He sidestepped three guards with his toolbox out, made them look like clowns before falling victim to Red Badge. Never change Dunedin.

Super Rugby AU – It’s here, and with the Brumbies on top. Let’s face it, it will never be as good as what we’ve got in New Zealand.