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Letter From The Editor – Issue 12

This issue of Nexus is the first printed one in goodness knows how many months, and I am glad for that. We’re finally back to being normal after what has felt like an eternity. Last trimester felt like a bit of a breeze, managed my way through it and knocked off exams fairly early. I found that once I did that, I was spending a lot of time on my phone browsing the socials and reading up on important stuff, like adult stuff (no, not that kind of adult stuff). 

This year is the first time I’ll be able to vote. Yes, I was still 17 at the last election. However I’ve spent a lot of time in the last three or so weeks, maybe more, reading up on politics, and learning about the candidates, parties, and their policies. I’ve read up all over the place, and it’s been really enjoyable. The downside is that it is way too easy to get caught up in political discussions on Facebook and when you’re on the piss, but I suppose that is the beauty of it. Given it is election year the parties are releasing all their major policies, and it couldn’t be at a more important time. We’re facing a recession the likes of which haven’t been seen for nearly 100 years. 

I believe that it is massively important to do your part and educate yourself on who you are going to vote for no matter who it is. Even if it’s some random person who has different opinions to you, read up on them, educate yourself on the other policies or views. I feel like there are a lot of wasted votes by people on all sides who vote on the basis of how they appear in the media, or just because their friends or parents said they’re good. 

In the time leading up to the election, we’ll be putting more and more political pieces in the magazine. Some interviews, maybe opinion pieces, maybe make fun of stuff. It should be educational at the very least, we’ll be harnessing the shit chat that I’ve been laying down on Facebook for the last few weeks and putting it to print. If you want to interview a politician and whack it in the magazine, now is your time. Hit us up if you’re keen to do that. 

That’s my dad rant over, it’s re fucking o. I’m sure all of you have been practicing your seshardry skills over the past few weeks and are chomping at the bit to throw away any health gains you’ve made recently. Personally I’m going to be getting more spastic than a frog in a sock, an actual crook soldier, call the vets, because the dogs are gonna be sick. That’s out of the way, we’ve got a challenge for you bender masters further on in this issue. It is bingo, but hear me out, you get to do a fair bit of weird stuff in order to win. As for the photo op, I’ll probably be at the hilly 3pm most days if anyone wants to tick that off.