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Turn Up VS Settle Down – Issue 11

This VS That

Settle Down (And SAVE DAT MUNAAAAY . . . Kinda)

We’ve all been peer pressured to go out and woken up with an empty bank account waaaaaaaaaay too many times. Don’t get me wrong, I also love to party, but living life on the bones of my ass was getting kinda old. Though it may not have crossed your Long White and Bar 101 drenched mind yet, once you finish uni, you’re probably going to have a list of things that you’ll want to do. It could be to start your own business, do your big OE or even buy a nice house or a fancy graduate car. Buuuuuut that won’t be possible if ya keep spending up large at Bongo’s or The Hood.

So here are a few quick tips and pro’s to staying in, saving your pingaz and coming out of uni with more than just a degree. Open an account and name it after your goal, future you will thank you for setting aside a bit of cash for the things you want later on in life. If you can afford those trips to Cameron Road Bakery, you can afford to put the equivalent away for your dream trip, car or house too. Then set a signatory on the account so that ya can’t take ya money out unless the signatory is there too. Some easy ways to save a bit more can be meal prepping and taking your lunch to uni, using the Gaspy app to see where the cheapest gas is when you need to fill up (we know ya loooove that cheap gas) and having drinks at home instead of going to town. Then all ya need to do is watch that account get fatter and laugh at these broke b*****s! Trust me, your liver, your future self and your Mum will thank you later. She’s tired of forking out to save yo ass too.

Turn Up

I’ve seen a lot of people on social media trying to reflect on their lives. It’s like the new trend: be deep, share quotes, inspire others! And as this ‘new trend’ had begun to ignite, Coronavirus was like that drunk dickhead at a party that came along and threw a whole can of petrol on the fire, and now someone’s dialing 911 to get some help on the way.

People are searching for a lesson throughout this lockdown; slowly sifting through ashes, looking for remnants of who they are. While most people have uncovered “I needed to reset” and “I got in a better routine”, I say bull. shit.

If this pandemic has taught us anything, is that life is too short and anything can happen! I mean a bat for crying out loud was (allegedly 👀)  the downfall of so many people and we all had to enter a new way of living. We need to NOT take life for granted and live it up while we can; I’m talking parties, travel, drugs, alcohol, drunk online shopping purchases – treat yo’self. And for all you people out there that have been bragging about how much they’ve saved while staying at home, even better! Get out there and start making it rain.

Chances are if you’re reading this, you’re young and in that sweet spot of student life where you don’t even know how much debt you’re in yet (trust me, ignorance is bliss). You will never get this time back to become an alcy, sleep with whoever or make dumb decisions because society will just roll their eyes, “tsk tsk”, and blame it on your age; It’s like having a ‘get out of jail free card’ (unless you do something totally fucked up then of course you probably deserve jail).

At the end of the day, you can play it safe: get your degree, save money, start a career, have a family, die. 

ORRR you could not be boring, make mean memories, see some cool shit and try something out the gate that you can tell your grandies about. So if another global pandemic does hit that might take us all out, you know you’ve lived your best life.

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