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Mullet of the Week – Issue 11

Nexus: Can you just quickly introduce yourself, who you are and where your from?

Caleb: My name’s Caleb Diamond and I’m from the Naki. Do a bit of building down there, that’s about it really. Simple man, simple life. 

Nexus: Can you walk us through your mullet journey?

Caleb: It started as a bit of a rebellion through school really, rebelling against the hair off the collar rule. It grew on me, and a few of my mates liked it, and they’re not with us anymore so I like to keep it as a bit of memorabilia sort of thing.

Nexus: So where and when was your mullet cut?

Caleb: I’ve had to have my mullet cut many times through school, sadly it’s had to be cut short a couple of times but since I’ve left school it’s been as long as I can get it and short on the sides. It’s been a couple of years. 

Nexus: Wow, what have been some of the reactions to your mullet?

Caleb: Everyone seems to love it really. I mean it’s a conversation starter, it’s a talking point so something to get a conversation going really. 

Nexus: How have the females reacted to your mullet?

Caleb: Well I mean, she loves it really. 

Nexus: Can you describe for us, the mullet community in New Zealand?

Caleb: It’s a good community. I mean it’s a bunch of piss heads really, really enjoying life and not caring what other people think. Appearance isn’t everything at the end of the day, it’s about your attitude so yeah. It’s a good community to be a part of. 

Nexus: Has your mullet got a nickname?

Caleb: It doesn’t actually, nah. It doesn’t.

Nexus: That’s alright. How would you go about describing your mullet?

Caleb: Long and bushy. It’s just a part of me. 

Nexus: Do you have any words of advice for people considering getting mullets?

Caleb: Just fuckin’ do it. Don’t care what other people think, just fuckin’ do it. It’s a good thing to set yourself apart from people.

Nexus: And lastly, is there anyone you want to thank?

C: Oh definitely. My barber puts up with some shit. Every time I say ‘nothing off the back, just off the sides’ he looks at me with a frown but does it anyway. Definitely the Mrs for putting up with it. And my family for frowning on me but still sticking by me.