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Mullet of the Week – Issue 10

(Razor buzzes in background)

Nexus: Okay, we’re on the record now. Can you please introduce yourself?

Andrew: Whats up. I’m Andrew and I’m from the United States. 

Nexus: Um, can you describe the scene right now?

Andrew: Crazy. It’s like paparazzi right now. 

Nexus: Where are we and what’s happening?

Andrew: We’re here on the green of Orchard Park, surrounded by orange trees and mullets. Getting this mullet cut. 

Nexus: It’s almost poetic, isn’t it? Um, how have you prepared yourself for this moment. 

Andrew: I spent about two hours, laying in my hammock, reading, prior mullets of the week. And uh, trying to find some pictures on google. 

Nexus: How do you expect the journey ahead to go?

Andrew: I can’t wait to see the reactions of people. Jordan and Nelson were my inspiration so hopefully like that. 

Nexus: Do you see many mullets where you come from?

Andrew: Hell no. No. When I came to New Zealand I laughed my ass off, cause I saw people with mullets. 

Nexus: Oh, so you’ve seen a few mullets here in New Zealand?

Andrew: Yeah a few. 

Nexus: What kind of mullets have you seen?

Andrew: Some mean as mullets, choice as.

Nexus: Do you have any words of advice for people considering mullets?

Andrew: Just fucking do it. I don’t know, just do it. It’s hair. It grows back in like two weeks anyway. 

Nexus: Excellent. What are your hair plans once you get the mullet?

Andrew: I’m gonna put some sick silver ferns on the sides. That’s it, let it grow. Can;’t wait for my parents to see it. 

Nexus: Anyone you’d like to thank. 

Andrew: Just Jordan, Nelson. The Warehouse for the clippers.