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In Impermanence

I sat for 10 days
As I sat for 10 thousand years
I watched as the hairs on my head
Turned grey and in then brown again
I watched as the oceans rose
Swallowed islands whole
Bit at the low hanging fruit of the continents
Before the ice caps froze
And the seas dropped until I could walk
From Melbourne to Vladivostok
As the glaciers devoured the land
Bit stone into dust and wiped the fingerprints of humanity
From her glistening surfaces
I watched the great migrations to the belt of the earth
To grow stone fruits and brassicas
On the tundras below the permafrost
I watched massacres in the name of existentialism
And saw the ice retreat again
A broken humanity find its feet again
As the great boreal forest reclaimed its birthright
And we moved as we once had
Beneath the extant giants of the canopy
I saw as one thing moved to next
Then fell and rose as breath does
In infinite impermanence
And the words of the ancients rose from the silence
This too will change…