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“The Government recently released the 2020 Budget. As I’m writing, it hasn’t been released but they did release a Pre-Budget which gave light to our fantastic MP Jan Logie who announced $183 million to stabilise New Zealand’s family violence services. It spans a wide range of services from elderly support, Māori support, even support for perpetrators for restorative justice. This is the type of mahi that we, as Green Party supporters, get to tautoko.

What we want out of a budget is more pūtea towards us young people. The Young Greens have created a plan called the Youth Income Plan (YIP) which gives light to exactly this type of mahi; putting money into the present and future, us. 

Don’t know what that is? It’s a policy package by youth for youth. It is us taking a stand for increased access to study, fair support services, liveable wages, safe and affordable homes and free public transport. Pretty simple asks don’t ya think?

The cost of living is increasing. We have less access to public services like free education and underfunded housing and health sectors. It is difficult for young people to keep up with the ever growing and demanding monetary stresses we face in society.

All we need you to do is to sign the petition at youthincomeplan.co.nz. We can unfuck our futures so we can all thrive in Aotearoa.”