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Mullet of the Week – Issue 9

Nexus: Can you please introduce yourself, who you are, where you’re from?

Jacob: Kia ora, my names Jacob. I’m from Wellington and I’m here at the Student Media Awards representing Massive and MAUSA. I love it.

Nexus: Sure. Which university are you representing?

Jacob: Massey University in Wellington.

Nexus: Cool. Can you walk us through your mullet journey?

Jacob: Okay so I’ve actually gone on quite a hair transformation in the last couple of years – I’ve tried everything. I dyed my hair platinum blonde, I had it really long, and then cut it all the way short, I had like the Eminem look, and then I was oh not a fan of the platinum so just cut it off and then I was like you know what I feel like mullets are the new thing so just mulleted myself a mullet. 

Nexus: Where, when and who created this mullet?

Jacob: In my bathroom, my best friend, just slice if off, an um when – last year, no this year like three months ago. I couldn’t be happier with how its turned out.

Nexus: Amazing. Can you please tell us some of the reactions to your mullet?

Jacob: It’s generally like, ‘Oh yeah, nice, quality, quality, quality, quality, quality.’ No um, yes people are pretty stoked about it. Mum was like, kind of disgusted but other than that 100%.

Nexus: Have you encountered any other people with mullets and how has that gone, if so?

Jacob: Yes, mullets are coming back in. They’re very hot right now. This guy, who does this programme called Political Cuts which is like a pop-up barber place, I did his design work and he had a mullet and he was like I’m gonna hire you, I’m gonna choose you as my designer because you’ve got a mullet and I was like yes – Mullet Community. I love it, yeah.

Nexus: Amazing, can you describe for us the New Zealand Mullet Community?

Jacob: Well I’m kind of on the outs. I haven’t really got two feet in the door, I’ve got one foot in the door. As you can see my mullet is not a full, long, like you know. I’ve still got a bit at the top here but um yes, I would say very proud, very strong, very niche. But I’m loving it. 

Nexus: Do you have any advice for people considering mullets?

Jacob: Yes. I would say chop it off, chop off the sides, and just go for it. It’s just a quality investment all round. Easy to maintain, pop out of bed and bam, mullet. It’s good.

Nexus: How would you describe your mullet Jacob?

Jacob: Party in the back, party in the front. It’s just so good.