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Letter From The Editor – Issue 9

What a week! It was the first time I experienced the parliamentary channel, and from what I saw, Winston Peters and the interior designer both come from the same century. I discovered budget day was a thing, David Seymour made an everlasting first impression, and the tempo of his speech had me thinking that the cup he was sipping from had a different flavour to everyone else’s water. 

Moving on,  level 2 came up fast, and I was concerned not about going to the pubs (because your allowed 100 in contrast to 10)  but, for the police officer, who hand-delivered a pamphlet reading “Do you suspect illegal drug activity in your neighbourhood” followed by “know the warning signs and what you can do about them.” As if this week couldn’t get more out the fucking gate, this showed up. 

I was intrigued to know what this pamphlet was about. I turned the page to read “warning signs of a drug house” with an insert of a clip art version of a green leaf. Keep in mind my family is the only Māori on our block so you could imagine what was racing through my mind. Nevertheless my eyes continued to read through the seven bullet points. It was clear they were committed to getting a message across which one I was unsure of. The second bullet point got me a little… “Visitors appear to be acquaintances rather than friends.” Fuck to be on tinder in Cambridge; you’re bound to make the next tui ad – Acquaintance? Yeah right?

Assessment week has arrived for some, and with exams being exempt from this Trimester, there is more demand to have assessments handed in on time with high standards, and these added quizzes are just an added inconvenience. But if anyone hasn’t told you yet, I’m fucking proud of you, keep pushing forward. You have studied through a fucking pandemic; not many can say that. In saying this outside of WSU, GP, or general service office hours, please don’t hesitate to use the 1737 number if ever you need to talk to someone.

This brings me to introduce our lineup: Queen k is back in the kitchen, Jamie and David are head to head talking budget, Nexus fixes everything because we are G.c’s like that and some of your all-time favourites. We also have a special edition, as suggested by the big boss to dig deep into our stories, our struggles, our journeys, and this we did indeed. You never know what someone is going through and that e te iwi includes us.

Kaua e mate wheke mate ururoa

Dee x