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Time Goes By

Quarantine Diaries

Dear diary,

Day 35:

We are almost seven weeks deep in lockdown, and in all honestly, I don’t know what’s going on anymore. The alert system has the same importance as a yellow traffic light; two metres distance is 20% of a kilometre, and police officers shoot people for shits and gigs. Now don’t get it twisted I’m not disrespecting the government, they look after us tertiary students, and I appreciate the handout we have to pay back for hardship. #grateful. However, a little bit of clarity around the rules and regulations would be appreciated.

Day 36:

Don’t worry, Diary, our prime minister, has confirmed it’s still level 4 with takeaways until cabinet makes a “balanced” decision. Does that mean balance beam, balance? Or balance diet – balance? (Looks and sounds good but comes crashing down in a few days ?)

Don’t worry. I’m ecstatic about this. I can’t wait to sit in line for two hours and let the food in my cupboards I panic brought go to waste (2020 new me, new beginnings).

Speaking of, does anyone need toilet paper? It turns out I didn’t need the trolley full 🤷🏽‍♀️

Day 38:

I missed yesterday’s entry, and my OCD is kicking in, it’s the weekend, I’m writing on a digital notepad to a human-like diary and realising that I’m describing society’s first world problems through sarcasm. I need to rethink my life decisions seriously.

I’ll see you tomorrow Diary.


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