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Top 10: Brews to get Your Hands on After Lockdown

Top 10

The first sesh is getting ever closer, and we thought we’d help you decide on which drink should be the first to grace your taste buds after a long hiatus of partying.

10. Effen blood orange – cheap poser drinks that make you look like you’re a rich white boy from the North Shore

9. Sol – the original Mexican beer, absolutely shits on Corona in taste and price

8. Grey Goose Vodka – if you’re looking to wipe the memory disk clean with no budget, here’s your pick

7. Diesel 7% – the catalyst of high octane fueled piss sinking, look no further than a slab if you’re looking to do some damage

6. Speights – we’ve got to include Speights, wonderful drop

5. Pals – before lock down, I was nicking these at parties because they’re absolutely delicious

4. Waikato Draught – the drop of our region, it would only be right

3. Long White ‘reshblo’ – they’re now known as reshblos for good reason, vorteke leshgo aha

2. William Maverick – first sesh will be weird, and Billy Mavs are your one way ticket to

1. Corona – they’re shit and overpriced but we may as well celebrate appropriately

There you go, the team at Nexus is always happy to help you make the best choices in alcoholic beverages.