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Mullet of the Week – Issue 7

Mullet Of The Week

Nexus: Could you just quickly introduce yourself?

Beks: I’m Beks, I’m 23 years old. I’m half German and half kiwi. And I live in Wellington. 

Nexus: Cool, do you study here at this university?

Beks: Yup, I study linguistics at Massey University.

Nexus: Oh awesome. Can you just walk us through your mullet journey?

Beks: Yeah sure. Basically I’m trying to grow my hair out and I didn’t want just a boring, sort of medium length hair cut and I also wanted a fridge so I just took some kitchen scissors and went for it.

Nexus: Nice and how long have you had this mullet?

Beks: Maybe a month, she’s pretty fresh. 

Nexus: What have been some of the reactions to your mullet?

Beks: Good, basically. Yeah, my family were like ‘omg its so 70s’ and someone said it’s like a real feminine mullet.

Nexus: Cool! Have you bumped into any other people with mullets, besides me?

Beks: Yeah yourself, yeah. There’s quite a few people in Wellington. I feel like it’s quite a trendy haircut at the moment. 

Nexus: Do you have any advice for someone considering getting a mullet?

Beks: Just go for it. Hair always grows back. Don’t go to some hipster hairdresser. You can honestly do it yourself. I think I went on Google or WikiHow and you just chop, chop, chop.

Nexus: Nice, how would you describe your mullet?

Beks: She’s pretty wild. When I wake up in the morning she’s all over the place. She’s quite short in certain parts. Definitely subtle. It’s not some crazy mullet. 

Nexus: Does she have a name or a nickname?

Beks: Nah not yet. We’ll get there. 

Nexus: Lastly, is there anyone you’d like to thank?

Beks: Myself and my kitchen scissors. 

Nexus: That’s beautiful.