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Iso with the Whānau

This week we catch up with some humans of Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato and see how they’re going with iso!

Describe where you’re isolating:

Rongomaraeroa: “In a small assss house in the middle of nowhere.”

Khaysh: “Rāhui Pōkeka 828”

Whaea Tyler: “Too close to Uni for my liking.”

Torza: “At me mams house (Brit accent)”

Fave shows/movies to binge?

Jake: “Glow Up, Hairspray, Mama Mia, Ru Pauls Drag Race… Anything queer and filled with DRAMA 😂”

Kiana: “Vampire Diaries (again)”

Whaea Tyler: “So I’ve delved a bit into K-drama (Korean drama lol)”

Mikayla: “Peaky Foooooockin Bliiiinnndddeerrrs 🍸”

What’s been your guilty pleasure?

Nelson: “Trolling Zoom lectures…”

BADB*TCH: “Iso hui attire – business up top & party down bottom”

Whaea Tyler: “Napping, when I should be doing mahi. Eating, when I’ve already eaten”

Oi: “Our zinu catch-ups we have, it’s like having a party with no mess and you can leave when you want”

What’s the first place you’re hitting once lockdown is over?

Almost every response: “KFC.”

Kiana: “Bryant Hall to see all my mates!”

Rongomaraeroa: “The tāmoko artist house 🤣”

Khaysh: “Bottle store.”

Miss Moe: “TANGAROA”

The million-dollar question – have you been keeping up with your studies?!

Khaysh: “Have I what?”

Whaea Tyler: “The weather’s been all good of late, eh?…”

Ware in the Whare: “Nah bao, don’t tell my lecturers haha”

Mikayla: “Actually, submitting days early!”

Quote your iso experience so far:

Nelson: “Same s***, different day.”

Rongomaraeroa: “Wake me up when it’s over.”

Manaia: “Uni feels very optional right now when it’s really not lol.”

Rangingawari: “Gratitude is the best attitude.”

BADB*TCH: “Born in a cell, raised in a kennel but can’t wait to get out of this Alert Level.”

Oi: “Only boring people get bored.”

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