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Sleep and exercise


So I have spent over a week in self-isolation and I am coping a lot better than I thought I would. I didn’t expect to be doing as well as I am. I am not insanely bored as I have things to entertain me such as watching YouTube, talking with friends, exercising and I suppose Uni work occasionally. Everything is crazy right now, no one is allowed to leave their house, non-essential shops are closed, my street is full of people “exercising” so they can leave their house without getting arrested. However, the strangest part about all this is I have socialised with more people during this pandemic than I did all throughout my 5 years at high school. Facebook and Messenger are great and I love talking to my friends, but I really do need to take a break from it, (seriously, it’s been days, my thumbs can’t take much more typing). Since I have been locked in my house since the 23rd and am definitely an expert, I have 2 very important tips that I’m going to share:

1. Don’t stay up until midnight for 5 days in a row talking to your friends. If you do, you will have a mental breakdown and spend a whole day feeling like death. If you ignore this advice: sleep it off and you’ll be fine.

2. Actually go outside your house. Don’t misunderstand this! Don’t go anywhere but step outside your house for a minute and get fresh air, maybe even sit down and watch your neighbours wander around because they’re just as bored as you. It means you might be able to think clearly and gives you a reason to procrastinate from anything you need to do. Plus, we should enjoy the nice weather while we have it because, by the time we get out of this, the weather will probably be shit. (Or if you’re that desperate to avoid this, open a window at least, it’ll air out the house and get rid of the B.O and cat piss smell.)

But other than that, quarantine’s fine. If anything, I’ve basically been giving a paid, month-long teaching recess. I don’t really have any form of routine because I’m lazy and don’t want to set one up so I just live one day at a time hoping I don’t die. I’m just hoping that people do what they’re told and aren’t idiots so it means we can get out of this as soon as we can.