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Mullet of the Week – Issue 6

Mullet Of The Week

Nexus: Can you quickly introduce yourself?

Mike: I’m Mike, I’m from Hamilton.

Nexus: Okay, so walk us through your mullet journey? Why did you decide to get one?

Mike: Oh, had one a few years ago and missed being part of the ol’ Mullet Community.

Nexus: Who cut your mullet?

Mike: Isaac Pennings, the Mobile Mullet Barber.

Nexus: Can you describe that situation for us?

Mike: Went down to his place after talking me into it that day. 

Nexus: Can you describe the service he offers?

Mike: The best mullet cutting around. 

Nexus: If you were to describe your mullet, how would you describe it?

Mike: A bit short at the moment, needs some work. 

Nexus: Can you describe for us the New Zealand Mullet Community?

Mike: Oh it’s wicked, you see someone with a mullet and there’s respect. As you say, it’s definitely a community. 

Nexus: How have people reacted to your mullet?

Mike: Oh it’s been wicked aye, yeah good. Everyone reacts the same to a mullet I guess. 

Nexus: Yeah yeah. Have the interactions with females gone alright since you got a mullet?

Mike: Doubled at least. 

Nexus: And do you think having a mullet is going to affect your rugby playing abilities?

Mike: Oh definitely, it’s safe to say it increases stamina by at least 50% as well. 

Nexus: Shit. Do you have any words of advice for people considering mullets?

Mike: You should definitely give it a go. You won’t regret it.

Nexus: And just lastly, is there anybody you want to thank?

Mike: Issac Pennings for the mullet.