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Diminutive Post – Issue 6

Middle aged women becomes overnight environmentalist 

We recently interviewed Deb 38, a worker at ‘full time mummy’. “Honestly someone just needed to get the word out about this, I’ve seen so much news on Facebook”. What Deb refers to is, of course, the global instances of nature remediation. “So I saw on Facebook, in Venice, which is in Italy, there are no people, and dolphins have come back. Dolphins. In Venice. Crazy!” An enthusiastic rant then ensued for the next 5 minutes. “Humans need to make changes in their daily lives, at least that’s what I saw on Facebook, also I saw this thing that said, “this isn’t the virus, Humans are the virus making Mother Earth sick”. Where Deb gained this unique perspective and wisdom from remains a mystery, sources say it was the reliable, trusted news source, Facebook. Nexus says to change the world, Deb!

Local dad offers meat to known Vegetarian 

Nexus has been informed that at one of the nation’s last neighbourhood BBQ’s, before the lockdown gripped the nation, a local dad asked his vegetarian niece if she wanted any of the meat he had prepared. Bill, dad of 3, uncle of 6, is always the man in charge of the BBQ at family get-togethers. He’s man’s man, calls a spade a spade and wears his heart on his sleeve. But Nexus has been informed that Bill is somewhat of a comedian. “Honestly it just came out of nowhere, got her good, absolutely priceless” says William, son of Bill. Georgia, the vego in question, however, didn’t seem to appreciate the sheer genius that was Bill’s comedy. “He’s such a wounder, it’s only him and my cousin who find it funny”. Bill carried on into the night with his head held high. Nexus can confirm Bill can cook a mean snag.

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