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Mullet of the Week – Issue 5

Mullet Of The Week

Nexus: Hi! Do you want to run us through who you are and where you’re from?

Hannah: I’m Hannah and I’m from Denver, Colorado. I’m living on a farm right now down in Maheno in the South Island. I lived in Denver for about 10 years, but grew up in Montana and went to high school and middle school in the midwest in Iowa. 

Nexus: Awesome! What are you doing in New Zealand?

Hannah: I came over to play a little bit of footy. I was here back in 2016 and I was playing for the North Otago Union until I broke my ankle. I met a good family here, their daughter and her best friend came to visit the states last year and yeah I just sort of wanted to come back, do some tramping, some hiking and play a little footy. 

Nexus: Can you walk us through your decision to get a mullet?

Hannah: Yeah absolutely. It’s a pretty big step. Figured I needed to go big, you know, nothing bigger than a luscious mullet. I only had hair so long at the time anyway, but figured I’d give it a little bit of shape and a little bit of style and ended up pulling it off pretty well I think. It’s a fan favourite, not a family favourite. 

Nexus: Did you experience it affecting your rugby playing abilities at all?    

Hannah: To be honest I just felt the entire history of the rugby world was pretty much behind me. It lifted me up, more than putting pressure on my shoulders. 

Nexus: Sure, that’s excellent. Can you walk us through some of the reactions you’ve received because of your mullet?

Hannah: My partner was not thrilled, it’s probably one of the worst haircuts I’ve had. There have been pluses and minuses. People that know me think it’s just a phase and the people I really like tend to like it so yeah.

Nexus: Excellent! Have you had any interactions with other people with mullets?

Hannah: You know, I think it’s probably different being a woman with a mullet ‘cause I don’t really get any of the guys who want to talk to me about it. It’s a little intimidating you know.

Nexus: Okay. If you could describe your mullet in a few short words, what would those words be?   

Hannah: Growing on me, physically and emotionally. I feel a sense of pride, I think it’s obviously unique, but more like luscious and flowy. 

Nexus: Do you have any words of advice for people considering growing mullets?

Hannah: Listen, if I could I would definitely like, do a dreaded mullet, just because I think those are the most committed people I know. Some types of hair don’t work but anybody who’s trying to and can commit to that, they absolutely should. Anybody who aspires to a mullet – you can do it, anybody and everybody can do it.

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