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Mullet of the Week – Issue 4

Mullet Of The Week

Nexus: Do you want to introduce yourself?

Isaac: I’m Ringas aka Isaac Pennings. Yeah got a pretty filthy mullet, it’s coming along. I’m the runner of the Mobile Mullet Barber so go and like that page on Facebook. 

Nexus: Just in case the name doesn’t explain it enough, can you describe your services?

Isaac: So, pretty much what I like to do is, someone will give me a call or flick me a message on the page and I’ll cruise around. Flick me $20 and I’ll cut you a sick mullet. Pretty much, if you’ve got a party going on and there’s some boys with long hair that need a mullet, that’s me mate. I’ll come round to do it.     

Nexus: What’s your personal mullet journey?

Isaac: I think I was about 15 when I had my first mullet. Yeah, it was quite a baby one and then got on the piss hard as one night, I was probably 16. I had a job interview the next day after I’d gone for a skullet. My old man did not like that at all so told me to cut it off before my interview. Fought with him about it for half the day, in the end the old man won. Came back even stronger with a bigger mullet, bigger and badder. You know how it is, came along in summer when I had long hair and I was like fuck this, too hot, so just cut it all off the front and kept the sick mullet. 

Nexus: What have been some of the reactions to your mullet?

Isaac: Oh mate, there’s too many. Too many to count. Mainly when I go to town it’s like I probably get at least 30 compliments on it a night and like ‘holy shit, look at that guys mullet’. I have people video me without me knowing, doing the ol’ snapchat video. It’s pretty good, bit of a lifestyle. 

Nexus: And how have the females reacted to the mullet?

Isaac: Let me tell you bro. Nah, they’re actually really catching on now, chicks have really started to like mullets again. Yeah nah it’s getting pretty good aye.   

Nexus: Oh cool, can you describe the New Zealand Mullet Community for us?

Isaac: It’s pretty much tradies, truckies, dairy farmers and just a sort of bogan environment. I reckon that’s sort of where the mullet flourished, that’s where it’s come into play mainly, you know how it is. 

Nexus: Have you had any other interactions with people with mullets?

Isaac: Well yeah ofcourse. I used to have a mate, he had a sick mullet man, just a little longer than mine. So yeah, me and him, straight away as soon as we saw we had mullets like both of us were just bros. You make mates having a mullet. It’s a bonding sort of thing I reckon.  

Nexus: Do you have any advice for people considering mullets?

Isaac: Well 100% do it. 100% man. As long as you’re up for the challenge ‘cause it’s a lifestyle, for sure. And yeah, just got to go one hunnit percent into it. 

Nexus: How would you describe your mullet in few words?

Isaac: Just filthy, spectacular and monstrous.