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Keeping it D Low VS Insta Obsessed



Ahh, the rat race that is Instagram. You just have to show the world that you’re so much better than everyone else, upload the photos in the coolest places, have the best looking photos, and get the highest amounts of likes and followers. I can’t imagine being obsessed over this shit, it’s gotten to the point where it’s like a competition. I’d rather not spend 10 minutes doing a photoshoot whenever I go somewhere special, or even just at pres. I’m sick of seeing the same photos week in week out from people who think they have to take glamour photos whenever they’re together. It’s way better to live in the moment and be free from worrying about what people think and constantly be seeking social validation from your peers on the internet. Besides that, you don’t need to show the world what you’re doing all the time. It’s nice to not have everyone knowing what you’re up to, you know, a bit of privacy in your life in the age of social media is nice. On top of all this you have the fake beauty standards, how do you know what’s even real on Instagram anymore with things like photoshop? It’s toxic that people think they have to adhere to these fake standards on Instagram, where it can be damaging to mental and physical health. I know I’d rather just not even know that they exist, not have to worry about trying to be someone I’m not, or seeking that validation through a like counter that isn’t even real.


I know what you’re thinking. Instagram is just a pretentious app overflowing with influencers, fake models and filters. But there is actually a lot more to the app than just flaunting one’s seemingly perfect lifestyle. Nowadays it is more of a platform for creativity, expression and acceptance. Admit it, everyone picks up their phone and scrolls for a while, whether it be Snapchat, Facebook or Instagram. But needless to say, Instagram is definitely the most productive and wholesome app out of the three. You can be informed of current events while sipping your coffee in the morning. You can be inspired by a video of someone doing what they love – running, working out, painting or dancing. You can even have your heart healed or lifted by a motivational Monday morning quote. Secondly, we all want to know what is going on with the people we love but it is often hard to constantly stay in contact and get everyone’s IRL updates. Instagram provides a simple channel where we can keep up with what’s happening with our mates. Because don’t make me say it… a picture speaks a thousand words and that means a story highlight speaks an entire bloody novel. Honestly, the power of Instagram is entirely in your hands. It definitely has its downsides and can make you feel low if you aren’t tanned, toned and travelling the world 24/7. However, overall it is dominated by young people who want to make the world a better place through visual sharing. The world isn’t going to stop using social media anytime soon, but we can stop absorbing pointless crap like Facebook videos and start becoming conscious social media consumers on Instagram.