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Mullet of the Week – Issue 3

Mullet Of The Week

Nexus: Can you just please introduce yourself?

Campbell: Yeah g’day, I’m Campbell Brown. 

Nexus: So, what made you get a mullet?

Campbell: Cause it’s fuckin’ sick and the boys from rugby got them so thought “oh yo I’ll join the bandwagon.” 

Nexus: Excellent. Can you describe where and when the mullet was cut?

Campbell: Um, first time was just in the bros backyard. My mate gave me a haircut.

Nexus: Perfect. Do you have any mullet plans?

Campbell: Keep it going. Yeah. Fuck yeah. 

Nexus: What have been some of the best and worst reactions to your mullet?

Campbell: One chick told me to cut it off and she’d sleep with me, I said no. I don’t know, everyone loves it bro. 

Nexus: How has the mullet changed your interaction with females?

Campbell:  Still get heaps of pussy. 

Nexus: Has it changed your rugby abilities?

Campbell: Yeah, makes me faster. 

Nexus: Do you have any words of advice for people considering getting mullets?

Campbell: Just do it, get one. You’ll never regret it.

Nexus: Choice. How would you describe your mullet?

Campbell: Luscious. So sexy. It’s on fire. It’s a pussy magnet.

Nexus: Does your mullet have a nickname?

Campbell:  Nah it doesn’t. If I had to give it one, I’d just call it Cobber. 

Nexus: And just lastly, do you have anyone that you wanna thank?

Campbell: Yeah, thank all the boys. And thank the bro, Cullen, for giving me the mullet.