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Blind Date – Issue 3

She’s an energetic third-year blonde who lives for the rark and is ready to settle down. He’s fun, funny, and flirty. He’s in the radio biz who is new to Hamilton and looking for that special someone. Will this be a match?


I’d never done anything like a blind date before, so I had no clue what to expect from it and that made me pretty nervous going into it. I was stoked to see a really pretty girl rock up to the bar and make her way over and conversation started flowing pretty easily. She was looking great too.

It was one of those occasions where I wasn’t sure whether to drink much or not but she started ordering away so I thought fuck yeah that’s cool. After a bit of chatting I could tell that she was a cool person and has her head screwed on pretty well. The banter started flowing pretty quickly and we were both laughing a fair bit which was great since she had a gorgeous smile.

There wasn’t really any awkwardness I think after the first few minutes since she was really good at keeping conversation flowing and she asked lots of questions and was interested in a lot of stuff I said I did which was cool. I think I didn’t really ask to go out after dinner and stuff with her because I’m terrible at reading people and didn’t know if she would’ve been down or not even though she seemed to enjoy herself too.Since I am brand new to the Tron only moving here a few weeks ago, I had never been to House on Hood before, so it was good to get out and go to the place.  

Since I am brand new to the Tron only moving here a few weeks ago, I had never been to House on Hood before, so it was good to get out and go to the place.


Made a deal with my friends that if I got to third-year without a boyfriend I would do the blind date, in hopes that I wouldn’t get ripped out too hard. When I got the message from one of the editors the day of it, I was convinced Nexus could find the one for me, only to be shut down by their Facebook post searching for a boy to be my date. All hopes that I had going into the date suddenly didn’t seem too promising.

When I arrived to House I saw a blonde boy with curly hair which got me excited as I’ve recently moved on from the dark side and dipped into white boys. Prior to, I thought I would knock down a few drinks before which probably wasn’t the best idea as before I knew it I had taken over the conversation like the crazy ADHD kid everyone had in their year 6 class and my beta male of a date just sat there agreeing with everything I said. Apart from that the chat was good, but I felt like I had taken my little brother out for dinner as he wasted the bar tab on fucking Pepsi, so my hopes for a drunk shag here cut short. I had hoped to get some extra clues for the secret sound as he worked for ZM which was equally as disappointing as I didn’t get my dad bod fourth year who could drink me under the table.

Overall he was a lovely guy but the Circa 2003 Justin Timberlake look isn’t for me. I ended up getting picked up from a friend to then go home and wait for my trusty bootycall so I could end the night on a high.