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Reo Tauira

We’re all looking for a place to fit in. That one place where we can wholeheartedly be ourselves, with no over-shadowing high school reputation AND unapologetically Māori. Though some may not see it as such, the University of Waikato is distinctively Māori and Indigenous – and that is something to be absolutely proud of! Massive to our distinctiveness is our roopū tauira Māori, faculty-based or non.

Roopū Māori is without a doubt the safest place to practice your Māoritanga. Whether you’re fluent in te reo Māori, speak pigeon Māori or have no knowledge at all, we’re all on this journey together irrespective of where you sit on the spectrum. There’s no Māori-ness. You are who you are #GrowthMindset

You may have had a weekend haka marathon and come across Te Waiora, are an aspiring Māori lawyer, or keen to be involved in the Māori management, education, engineering or geography sectors. Wherever your journey might take you, just know that there is so much support for you, your tamariki, your partner and your whānau.

But most importantly, I reassure you that these roopū WILL be your bastion of support while you figure this Uni thing out <3. While the Māori mentors are your Uni aunties and uncles, the roopū are your Uni cousins… or not lol…

Tikanga tip:

You may have made a dick of yourself on the drink during O’Week… don’t hide from it, grow from it! What’s the bet you didn’t even start drinking ‘til you moved into the halls! Soldier on young fulla. You’re probably never going to try again, or you are. Whatever decision you make, it’s up to you. Give in to your vulnerability and shame ‘cos it’ll pass. Lesgooo with three of our top drinking tikanga tips!

1. Be polite. If you’re off to a house party, go and meet the host.

2. You’ll probably get invited back if you do the following:

Don’t be a tool and bring your unwanted mates. You know ‘those ones’ like Mr Wreck it Ralph, Mr Steal Your Guy or Girl, Mr Has One Drink and is Overs etc.

3. Lastly, clean as you go! Know where the recycling bin is and throw empty toilet rolls in the bin.

Honestly, as a party host, this is gold.

Te Waiora o Te Whare Wānanga o Waikato

Cross-faculty roopū

Co-Presidents: Kiritopa Allen, Khaysharn Kingi-Takoko

Facebook: Te Waiora 2020 / Ngā mahi haka ā Te Waiora

Te Whakahiapō 

Māori Law Students’ Association

Co-Presidents: Akasha Rio, Sara Hape

Facebook: Te Whakahiapō (TW) – Waikato Maaori Law Students’ Association

Te Ranga Ngāku 

Māori Management Students’ Association

Co-Presidents: Louise Tarawa, Waimatao Wilson

Facebook: Te Ranga Ngāku Incorporated

Tūmata Kōkiri

Māori Sports and Education

Co-Presidents: Ria Nathu, Te Aiahi Whiu

Facebook: Tūmata Kōkiri

STEM Pacifika and Māori

Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Club

Co-President Māori: Taiawhio Waipoua-Bryers

Vice-President Māori: Tangiora Maney

Facebook: STEM Pacifika and Maori

Te Tini o Hakuturi

Māori Environmental Planning and Geography Students’ Association

Co-Presidents: Te Rua Wārahi, Te Riria Potiki

Faculty of Māori and Indigenous Studies Roopū

Co-Presidents: Luke Moss, Jasmine Sampson

Facebook: FMIS Maaori Students’ Association – Te Whare Waananga o Waikato

Yours truly,