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Mullet of the Week – Issue 2

Mullet Of The Week

Nexus: Can you just quickly introduce yourself, who are you, where are you from?

Samual: My name’s Samual Hunt, I’m from Christchurch. Im 24, I’m a brick-layer by trade and I love a mullet. 

Nexus: So, walk us through your mullet journey?

Samual: Well it all started at Christmas 2018, I was kind of fed up with my normal hair and I just wanted to try something different. Mullets were coming back in to fashion so I thought why not, here’s my chance you know. Why not get in it early? 

Nexus: Beauty. And what have some of the reactions to your mullet been?

Samual: Like, wow what a grub. This guy looks like a dirty man but like the way I see it, it’s a bit of class and at the end of the day it’s a passion, I’m very proud of it, I like my mullet and I like the way I look. 

Nexus: Another important question – what have the reaction from the females been?

Samual: From the Wahine? The way I see it is it’s 50/50, you know. The 50 percent who love it, love it. And the 50 percent who don’t like it, my god they hate it. 

Nexus: Have you had any other interactions with men with mullets?

Samual: Men with mullets? Intimate or? 

Nexus: Just in general, any interaction. 

Samual: Nah yeah I got a few mates with mullets, they’re not out tonight but you know but hey I’ve met a good guy tonight he’s doing this interview. They say he’s got the second best mullet in Hamilton and I’m not going to argue with that. 

Nexus: Lovely! You heard it here folks. Alright, can you tell us when and where your mullet was cut? 

Samual: My mullet was cut 2018 in Northland, just below Whangarei in a sweet little town called Maungaturoto, right on the Kaipara Harbour. Beautiful wee spot. And that’s what happened. We had a few chop bongs and we thought fuck it why not? Lets go for it. 

Nexus: So, do you have any words of advice for people considering mullets?

Samual: Just go for it, don’t be shy. You know, don’t hold yourself back. Just cut the fucking mullet. 

Nexus: Fuck yeah. And finally, do you have anyone you want to thank?

Samual: I’d like to thank my boys, my flatmate especially Danger Daniel, Benny the Battler  – he’s actually gonna grow a mullet soon. You can see he’s trying there, he’s gonna get it cut soon. But just mainly my family to be honest bro, my dad for shooting the seed and bringing up such a good young boy. He could have pulled out you know. That’s life. I could have been shat out, swallowed, pissed out whatever. I was the fastest on race day.