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Mullet of the Week – Issue 1

Mullet Of The Week

This week’s Mulleted man was fresh off the field of Under 85’s rugby. He had just finished a clinic of a game against the Varsity Stags, his luscious mullet flapping in the wind the whole time. If you ever run into this fella on the rugby team, we wish you good luck

Nexus: Alright, we’re here on the record now, we’re here on the record. Do you want to just walk us through who you are and where you’re from?

Mitch: Mitch Cowper, from Hamilton, play rugby for the under 85 BullDogs, just had a good game against University today, tough game, we got the win, but hats off to Uni they put up a good fight

Nexus: Can you tell us what was involved in your decision to get a mullet?

Mitch: I just thought that it was coming into Winter- I work outside. The boys would probably think it was a bit gay if I wore a scarf, so I thought “ah well, I’ll grow a bit of a mullet”, try and warm the neck up. 

Nexus: So, who cut the mullet and in which environment was it cut?

Mitch: I went to a barber and said “give me short sides, a bit of a trim on the top and don’t touch the back.”

Nexus: And that’s how the mullet was born. So, how has the mullet influenced your rugby playing abilities? 

Mitch: Yeah, I reckon it’s put probably about 1.5 horsepower on the old legs. 

Nexus: What have been some of the reactions to your mullet?

Mitch: Probably the worst reaction has been from the missus as everyone would probably expect from that. But other than that it’s all been pretty up 

Nexus: What did your missus have to say about it?

Mitch: *in a creepy change of voice* What the bloody hell is that thing on the back of your head?! 

Nexus: Just a quick random one, what kind of vehicle do you drive?

Mitch: Nissan Nivara

Nexus: We heard a rumor that you streaked at a Chiefs game, can you walk us through that experience?

Mitch: Yeah, could be true, can’t remember much, a few too many beers that day. Nah, we got away with a good run, stepped a few guards. Ended up in the cells, but got away pretty well. Thanks New Zealand police for looking out for me.

Nexus: What were the consequences or any fines?

Mitch: 2 year ban from the stadium and got away with no fine.