Ways to get X’d in town this Re-O’week

10. Sneaking in underage – Just wait your turn kid

9. Too steamed – Entry level. A familiar favourite. 

8. Too old – There’s something a little bit sneaky about you wanting to get into the Outback grandad 

7. Attempting to scrap a bouncer – Brave, yet foolish my old friend 

6. Incorrect kit – I salute anyone trying to get in to town in jandals 

5. Vaping inside – It’s like smoking inside’s less cool brother. Nothing that’s mango flavoured will ever be cool. 

4. Smashing bottles – HAHA bottle make loud and go smash!

3. Smoking a dart inside – It’s everybody’s air, luckily you’re not a damn communist 

2. Washing off your first X and being recognised again – Only for the real outlaws 

1. Pissing in the mosh-  Expert level, do not attempt unless you have maxed out your stealth stat


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