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The Try Guys
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Since a majority of us are stuck inside at the moment, we all have to be creative on ways to keep entertained. Some of us are hyper-focussing on our Uni work, some are choosing to exercise, but let’s face it, we all know that most of our time has been spent sitting in our beds binging Netflix and watching YouTube. So I figured I might as well give you guys some new YouTube channels to watch while we’re stuck inside instead of watching the same stuff over and over. One of which is the Try Guys. You might remember Keith Habersberger, Ned Fulmer, Zach Kornfeld and Eugene Lee Yang from old Buzzfeed videos from like 2016 but they broke away from Buzzfeed in 2018 have been running their own channel and producing high-quality content ever since. As of the 2nd of May when this review is written, they have 7.19 million subscribers so they don’t really need Buzzfeed to be successful.

Their name pretty much sums up the content they make, they try things. They post funny videos of doing random things with help from experts like getting their bones cracked, becoming beauty YouTubers or spray tanning each other. They also have mini-series such as Without a recipe, Keith’s Eating Everything at whatever food chain or Eugene’s Rank King series. Their platform has also been used for personal reasons such as Eugene’s iconic coming out music video ‘I’m Gay’ or educational reasons like their DUI series. All four try guys are hilarious and quirky. Keith is out there and very loud, Ned has a family (that he won’t shut up about), Zach can’t do anything right and Eugene is the diverse one with a dark sense of humour. You have your favourite try guy (mine’s Eugene) but you love them together. They have individual shows but you get hooked on the foursome’s dynamic and keep watching their videos for their ensemble pieces.

Luckily for us Triceratops (their fanbase), they are still sticking to their two videos a week upload schedule even in lockdown. They post about their lives in quarantine whilst sprinkling in a little bit of normal pre-recorded content which is greatly appreciated. They’re definitely ones to check out once you’ve finished binging whatever anime you’re watching at the moment.


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