The Last dance

The Last Dance
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The last dance is a docu-series, with V.I.P access into the lives of Michael Jordan and The Chicago Bulls. A unique experience that will have viewers navigate through a ride of emotions and witness strength and determination through survival mode. A true testament and homage to anyone with dreams and hopes to be all you can be. The last dance is guaranteed to have viewers schedule the next episode. The aesthetics of the film allows you to relive past the posters and collectible cards and become a team player for 9 hours across a 10 part series. Jordans’ opening scene pans into a tracking shot of his shoulders and sets that first impression that fans are about to witness Jordans’ broken silence. A camera angle panning side to side in 180-degree motion enhances the voice-over and crowd cheering in the surroundings. A dedication to the supporters and introductions to the triple threat Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Denise Rodman captivate the viewers into realising that this isn’t just about Michael instead, but the team as a whole and they have unfinished business to declare. The last dance has a heavy 90’s presence that will have generations reminiscing on the prime days, and millennials wonder If that 20-inch black box on the wall is an Xbox? If you are a hardcore basketball fan or the captain of the lawn bowls team, this motion picture will prove there are two sides to every story, all while paying tribute to one of the few greatest basketball teams and heroes of all-time. Jordan. Pippen. Rodman. Need I say more.
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