Future Nostalgia

Future Nostalgia - Dua Lupa
7.5 Reviewer
Cowbells Cool as fuck lyrics
Mid section fillers kinda drag
Probably not the biggest thing people will be talking about in 2020 but a close second.


So. Dua Lipa blessed us at the start of the lockdown period with the release of her second album Future Nostalgia. I love her. But will I love this? Read it and weep. Because you have nothing else to do.

The title track nails the concept of the album. It’s a bit Rocky Horror and has cool as fuck lyrics about being a female alpha. If you can listen to lead single ‘Don’t Start Now’ without thinking of Tik Tok, the cowbells are severely underrated. Following is ‘Cool’ – a synth-pop dream with the genius Tove Lo on the writing credits.

The mid-section fillers are just that, I won’t waste wordcount. ‘Levitating’ is a highlight. It’s very soundtrack-to-the-roller-disco-of-your-dreams. If you dream about roller discos. The newest single ‘Break My Heart’ samples the INXS riff from ‘Need You Tonight’ on bass which, like the original, absolutely snaps.

‘Good in Bed’ is an inventive love letter to a toxic relationship harking back to 2006 Lily Allen. It spirals beautifully into the end track ‘Boys Will Be Boys’. This is the star for me. A sincere but clever baroque pop ballad about toxic masculinity. ‘Boys will be boys, but girls will be women’ = KILL SHOT.

Honestly, this album has fun and funk and a great female lead. It can be a little more nostalgia than future at times, but it’s more than enough to get you dancing in your kitchen. It also has an epic marketing package of real aerobic workout videos, fake 90s sitcoms and TV performances with substance and style. Plenty to keep you in a Youtube rabbit hole for at least a day should you have that time on your hands. Which you do.


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