By Nexus
Mar 09, 2018

Full Exposure: MeloDownz

It’s not often that local artists catch the ear of major festivals, let alone be featured online alongside some of today’s most influential artists. In his debut EP, Avontales, MeloDownz delivered the full, unfiltered reality of growing up in West Auckland; providing the ideal platform to not only reflect on his youth in Avondale, but to catch the attention of big names in the industry.

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We caught up with MeloDownz to get the lowdown on what’s next, what’s new and what to look out for. 

Nexus: How’d you get involved with Laneway?

MD: The organiser actually emailed me directly, asking me if I wanted to play after hearing my record in a neighbouring office next door.

Nexus: How do you define your sound?

MD: Wavy, urban Polynesian, smooth, mellow, dope, storytelling.

Nexus: What drove you to become a musician?

MD: I’ve always just loved writing, freestyling and making music; I became obsessed and still am. I just followed my gut and kept doing it regardless of people doubting me.

Nexus: What have you been working on recently?

MD: I’m working on a new EP and gonna be dropping some singles and videos in the near future.

Nexus: Do you have any creative outlets other than music?

MD: Yeah, I love drawing; I use to tag, but now I enjoy drawing characters and doing graft in a black book. I drew the Avontales cover and got my mate to help me colour it in on PhotoShop.

Nexus: What artists/tracks do you listen to on the daily?

MD: At the moment: WarmBrew, Dom Kennedy, Screwed Up Click, Poetik, Protije, Damian Marley, Trinity Roots and reggae

Nexus: What do you love most about Auckland? Is there anywhere else you’d rather live?

MD: I love the local community vibes, the music scene and the hard working-class people. I love how there are beautiful beaches just 10 minutes away like Piha and Bethells. I also love how Avondale is in Auckland. On the other hand, Auckland’s pretty messed up in terms of domestic violence, homelessness, youth suicide etc. That really sucks, so that’s why I love the community vibes where everyone can share what they are going through and unite as one. I would wanna live in Berlin for a bit.

Nexus: What’s your fave memory from growing up?

MD: Probably chillin’ with my grandparents, and chillin’ with my homies at the park; having no responsibility. Just being a kid, doing kid stuff.

Nexus: Best/Worst New Years Experience?

MD: Probably being cheap shot outside a club. Guttered for the person that did it because me and the homies caught him slipping 5 minutes later.

Nexus: Who is the most iconic Kiwi?

MD: Tom Scott, a true voice for the people.

Nexus: Where to from here?

MD: The top - that’s where.

Nexus: What’s the best haiku you can hit me with right now?

MD: Mellow Down with love

I see the light in yourself,

Peace be the Journey

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