By Francesca Kurghan
Mar 09, 2018

How to Set Goals Like a Badass

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Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions - do people still do those? I think I gave up about two years ago when I realised that each year my resolutions were getting more and more unattainable. I started to focus on my goals instead. You’re probably wondering what the hell the difference between the two is, but look at it this way. A resolution is usually something unspecific, something you want to change, i.e. “I want to get my dream body,” whereas a goal is something more specific, describing what you would to like to achieve by a certain deadline, i.e. “my goal is to lose 1kg a week so that I reach my goal weight by my birthday.” A goal, in my opinion, is so much more attainable and realistic, whereas a resolution is almost like a whimsical wish you make when you’re completely popped at New Years (been there, done that).

I set myself goals every single day. Nothing huge - it could just be to make my bed in the morning, or to make sure I set aside a least an hour of “me time” that day. Setting myself daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly goals has made a massive impact on my mental health, too. When I first started experiencing anxiety and depression (and I’m sure some of you can relate to this), sometimes I could barely get out of bed in the morning. Even if I just set myself the goal of getting out of bed and having a shower, it helped immensely once I achieved it, and it made feel a lot better about myself. If you yourself struggle with your mental health, then I couldn’t recommend goal-setting enough. It makes you feel productive once you’ve got a to-do list that day, and it allows you to have something positive and constructive to focus on. Also, there’s no better feeling than accomplishing your goals, right?

Setting goals is also a massive part of your fitness journey - if you don’t set yourself goals, how do you expect to get progress? Just remember that everyone has different goals, so make yours personalised and specific to your wants and needs. Follow the SMART rule (make sure your goals are: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely). If you want to be able to do one pull-up by the end of the month, or you want to add some more cardio into your routine, that’s awesome. Write it down. Don’t feel ashamed of your goals - own them. Write down the steps of how you are going to achieve your goals, and then go follow them. However, don’t feel shit if you don’t achieve all of your goals; at the end of the day we are only human and we make mistakes. If you feel your goal was too unattainable, then maybe sit down and reassess it.

I have many goals for 2018 but two in particular are extremely important to me: 1. I would like to run a successful business as a personal trainer and help others learn to love and appreciate themselves, and 2. I want to make sure I maintain my self-love by looking in the mirror every day and saying “I love who I am and what I see.”

It sounds cheesy but it works, and I can already feel my goals are being achieved. Make your dreams big, and the goals to help you realise these dreams are specific and attainable. Imagine how awesome you will feel once you’ve accomplished everything.

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