By Nexus
Sep 30, 2019

ENVSC201 - Environmental Monitoring

Random Audit

This lecturer was a prepared one. They’re the type to give you a cover slide complete with the paper code and title, the topic of the day, the date, and of course their own name. I appreciated knowing that we’d be learning about Air Quality Monitoring and getting about five minutes to settle in for an hour of understanding absolutely bugger all.

I must admit, I was a bit confused as to who the lecturer was. I had assumed it would be the stern looking man standing at the front, but then the short woman with the sick as fuck haircut had a lengthy chat with a student about a missed assignment (sorry for eavesdropping). She must be one of the good ones, because this class was damn full for 3pm on a Monday - but maybe it was just because they’re “not recording this one for Panopto.”

Turns out the stern looking man at the front was a council worker who really knew his shit, so I’m pleased to report that I actually learnt something - even if it was just finding out that Los Angeles’ “signature orange haze” is really just due to some severe emissions type thing they’ve got goin’ on, which is super comforting when you find out that the average person inhales approximately 15,000 litres of air a day.

As for the class, I’m sorry to say they’re all super boring - I should’ve learnt from my last experience with science students. They’re all too diligent and focused on notetaking to provide entertainment for me, which is frankly just a waste of my Monday afternoon.

I’d like to give a shout-out to the girl two rows in front of me who was downloading Snapchat screenshots to her laptop - I hope your friend had a lovely birthday enjoying those images that everyone in the back three rows had full sight of. Also, to the dude that was trying to surreptitiously read Nexus; I appreciate you, my man. As for the rest of you, I’d like to sincerely encourage you to be more interesting - please, for the sake of your Nexus auditor.

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