By Chelsea Grove
Sep 30, 2019

Pay It Forward

As a generation of minds that has the potential to lead a really awesome future of sustainability, we often find ourselves pacing our bedrooms, trying to think of new ideas to stop the rainforest burning or ways to help with the refugee crisis. Why don’t we think big, but start small? Here are some little ways you can make a big difference to help the environment and build each other up as a student with a meek student budget.

Donate your clothes  
Who knows whose life you could improve with that pair of pants you’re not quite sure if you like or not.

Support your local vege stall
Not only is it fresh and cheap, but it’s also free from pesticides that kill bees and butterflies.

Leave a friendly comment
If someone looks good on their Instagram post, say it! It will definitely brighten their day.

Be patient  
You have no idea what someone is going through behind the scenes, even if they keep standing too close to you in the Bar101 line.

Have a flat dinner  
Not only does it cut down on power and help lower greenhouse gas emissions, it also allows for a good yarn.

Walk to Uni
Finding a park is already a mission and that $2 could go towards booze for the weekend, so why not reduce your carbon footprint and enjoy some fresh air?

The Straw Trend
Yeah, I know. The “bring your own straw” thing has become a trend, but there really is some good to it! Bring your own straw to fast food places rather than grabbing a single use one.

Hold the door open for someone
Small, but kind gestures can make a big difference!

Donate blood
You could save lives with a little bit of selflessness.

Treat your mate to a coffee
Invite that friend you haven’t seen in a while for a cuppa.

Recycle your Nexus
Don’t just throw us in the bin! Recycle us and we’ll treat you to more banter.

Pay someone a compliment
Say what you think but don’t be weird about it.

Support sustainability
If you know a restaurant or takeaway has switched to sustainable packaging, support them rather than ones that don’t.

Shop second-hand
There are some things that we would rather not share, but if you’re looking for a new couch, fridge or furniture, rather pick up a bargain!

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