By Nexus
Sep 09, 2019

ANTHY300 - Cultures and Power in the Pacific

Random Audit

I’ll admit, the title of this paper had me a little bit intrigued, but when the topic of pre-class conversation turned to a breathalyser stop on Cambridge Road, all I could think was why the fuck were Hamilton’s police breath testing drivers at 9am on a Thursday morning?

The lecturer was an absolute gem, greeting everyone as she walked in the door; I thought she was just one of those super friendly, chatty students until she reached the front and asked for everyone’s reading reflections. Fuck – guess I’ll email it to you, love. Honestly, I’ve never seen a lecturer care so much about how their students are doing; she asked how they found the reading review, how the test went, if the layout was okay, blah blah blah. She even went through all (and I mean alllllll) the expectations for their upcoming essay. For third years. How good.

Now, as a third-year arts student doing a somewhat ~niche~ degree, I’ve seen some small classes, but this class was small, and it was in that weird S Block room that always smells like weed. I actually had to get involved, and when the lecturer asked me what question I wanted to talk about, I didn’t have the heart to say “sorry, I’m not actually in your class, I’m just here to write about you for Nexus.” Usually, I would have gotten up and bolted out of there the second someone looked in my direction, but this has been a long week and I genuinely couldn’t be bothered moving. Maybe it’s the lack of sleep, or the fact that I’ll do anything to avoid my own uni work.

Shout out to the kind lady sitting next to me who asked if I’d done the reading and if I understood; I haven’t done readings since week 7 of my first A Semester, so I definitely haven’t done the readings on mana. This class was too serious and discussion-based for anything funny to take place (I’m actually pretty sure I found myself in a tutorial, whoops), but hey, maybe it could be a fun way to spend two hours if that’s what you’re into. Until next time, anthropology department – I probably won’t be back x

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