By Makayla Wallace - Tidd
Sep 02, 2019

Nexus Dinner Party

Pizza Toppings
Fancy having some fun in the kitchen with your mates? Grab a pack of pizza bases from the supermarket and get creative with these ideas:

The Veggie – BBQ sauce base topped with roasted kumara and pumpkin, feta cheese, baby spinach, and red onion. Serve hot with a drizzle of vinaigrette or aioli.

The Full Hog – pizza sauce base, topped with bacon, pork sausage, and pulled pork. Top with grated cheese, spring onion and a BBQ sauce swirl.

The Boujee Bitch – brush the pizza base with some olive oil. Top with grated cheese, toasted walnuts, blue cheese cubes, sliced pear and your choice of pancetta or bacon. When serving, drizzle some honey for sweetness.

Wine and Cheese Pairings
If you’re looking to get a little fancy with your wine and cheese choices, look no further than these classic combos.

Sparkling wine or chardonnay with a creamy camembert or brie - we recommend Bosco Sparkling Prosecco paired with a timeless Mainland Special Reserve to fulfil your broke
student dreams.

Red wines with firm aged cheddars or gouda - try Wither Hills Pinot Noir with Puhoi Valley Aged Cheddar.

Sauvignon Blanc with goats’ cheese - perhaps a Baby Doll coupled with Ornelle feta?

Curries and Sides
Winter’s not quite over yet; surprise your flatties with these warming curry meals:

A classic Butter Chicken with naan and rice.

Spicy lentil dahl with poppadums and mango lassi.

Thai green curry with basmati rice and a cheeky glass of pinot gris.

Quick Desserts
End a night of fabulous food with one of these super quick and tasty (and cheap) desserts:  

Grab a mousse sachet from the supermarket and whip it together with some milk. Serve with frozen raspberries and chocolate chips.

Get 1 apple per person and chop into cubes. Boil in the microwave for around 7-8 minutes then drain. Toss with maple syrup and cinnamon. Serve in a bowl with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Fill store-bought meringue nests with whipped cream and top with chopped kiwifruit or peaches.

Grazing Platters
Want to combine all the above suggestions into a grazing platter? Here’s what you’ll need:

Charcuterie – a selection of cold meats like ham, salami, prosciutto, and so on.

Produce – a variety of fruits and veggies lend a crisp alternative to other foods. Think apple slices, carrot/cucumber/celery sticks, grapes, or even fresh pineapple.

Cheese – a soft and a hard selection is always good. Classics like Camembert and gouda are sure to please.

Dips – hummus and a standard kiwi dip are simple and flavorsome options.

Sweets – Break it up with chunks of chocolate, bowls of M&M’s, or biscuits.

Carbs – providing something to stack the cheeses and dips on is essential. A nice loaf of crusty bread or baguette is great, as well as a pack or two of tasty crackers.

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