By Raaginee Rajah
Sep 02, 2019

Jobs You Can Get With an Arts Degree


That’s right, kids. There are actually employment opportunities with a BA.

Technical Writer
The job involves creating content such as manuals and websites that allow for easy accessibility and for consumers to operate equipment easily. You’ll work with managers and developers to create information that is cohesive with their needs. You can take on editing the work of others, as well as creating content that allows for easy learning and understanding of various products and services.

In this role, you’ll be storing and organising archives, as well as giving access to various archives for others who wish to use it. You’ll be regularly describing records so as to make them easier for people to find on the database, as well as advising various organisations on which archives they should keep.

Radio Host
This job involves introducing music, coming up with different ideas for programmes to talk about on air, preparing scripts, and operating studio equipment. If you’re not scared of your own voice and love to have a chat about topics big or small, this could be the role you’ve been looking for.

Put those bilingual skills to use in this role. You’ll be able to work over the phone or face-to-face, interpreting in the required language. You may even have the opportunity to travel with and interpret for tourism or business groups. You’ll enjoy a range of flexibility in this role through choosing between full-time, part-time, and freelance work opportunities.

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