By Nexus
Aug 12, 2019

Blind Date

He’s described as a small dude that thinks he’s big. She’s a horse girl-turned-sesh gremlin. With a poor run of luck in blind dates this year, Nexus called in the big guns on this one. But did it pay off...?

Well, this all started with my shit-head mates thinking it would be funny to abuse their Nexus power to set up the only two brown kids in our friendship circle for a little bit of ‘equality’. Fucking white people. They let me stress about being set up with some fugly fresher, instead he had a kina so I guess that’s just as bad.

Anyways, night started off well seeing as we could skip the awkward introductions, then had some good yarns and caught him up to date on all the drama of the squad (because he studies law now so is too much of an old man to go out with us all apparently). Also a bit of a red flag that he wasn’t 100% convincing about attending R&V but was willing to overlook this because he was drinking beer. Lad.

After the entourage of my mates finally left from staring at us from across House and the tab had run out we decided to head on over to Shenanigan’s after I talked some shit about being able to play pool. Safe to say my ego was taken down a few pegs after 5 straight losses.

At the end of the day, it is what it is, and my usually freezing flat wasn’t so cold for the night…

Cheers Nexus.

After 24 hours of pure stress and a pep talk from mum, ya boi was amping to get this Nexus Blind Date™ under way. So amped that I rocked up fashionably early and got to stress every time a group of chicks walked in, thinking my date was going to be running off to the loo and chatting shit every 5 minutes. After a quick beer I see a familiar face roll in and head straight for the table, after hug and a yarn about what a stitch up the whole situation was and a cheeky wave at her mates peeking around the corner, we started working our nerves out on the Tab.

With yarns and drinks flowing we were quickly getting steamed and after an hour of waitresses asking if we would like another drink when we were halfway through our current one, we decided to slow it down with a pizza. While stuffing our faces her mates rolled over and had a laugh at our expense and were on their merry way.

With the Tab gone and a bit of bragging on her behalf about having a pool table at home, we made our way over to Shenanigans and got a little pool comp going. As the wins started racking up on my side the classic excuses of “the curves different than what I’m used to” and “the ball bounces funny on this table” started coming out. Following 5 straight wins by yours truly, we sat around to let my head deflate and watched the keen Hosp night doofers come in. With the people slowly filtering in and the offer to go chat shit to her mates that came and watched, we grabbed a quick uber and headed back to hers.

Cheers to the Nexus love guru, ya did good on this one. All in all I would rate the whole experience 10/10 great connection, but that’s all the hot goss I have for the moment
Haha, just kidding

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