By Nexus
Aug 12, 2019

ENGLI 202 – Shakespeare’s Worlds

Random Audit

English kids are a very definitive bunch; let’s just say if you spot them around campus, you’d have a pretty easy guess at what they study. They’re the kind of people that would dress like Rachel and Kurt on Glee if they went to the University of Auckland, but they’re stuck in the Waikato so leggings and sneakers, paired with a colourful scarf or maybe a decorative scrunchie, will suffice.

The lecturer began by cutting off the conversation between the girls in the front row (yes, ladies, I agree that a hair wash at the salon is so much better than doing it yourself). This lesson we were looking at Richard III, which was not a great start seeing as I’d never heard of the play before – the extent of my Shakespeare knowledge is Much Ado About Nothing and the basic plot points shown in 10 Things I Hate About You and She’s The Man. The video he played just made me think of Shrek, because the dude looked so much like Lord Farquaad that he could star in a live action remake.

The lecturer was a bit of a sweetheart. He was caught out by YouTube auto-play (happens to the best of us), he evidently couldn’t work out how to play the lecture slides, and he then went on to tell the class how to use the library search feature. I wish my lecturers were that helpful. He was repaid with absolutely no chatter; no whispering, no one butting in to share their ever-so-important opinion on dear old Will. This was one of the dullest English classes I’d aever been in (and that’s saying something), which was kind of a pain because it gave me no material to work with.

There aren’t many things in life more boring than Shakespeare’s plays, except maybe the English students that study them. Come on; surely they can’t be worth their own damn twelve-week course at university? I stayed for the full 50-minute lecture just in case something worth mentioning happened, but alas, nothing. My shoutouts go to the girl playing with the snapchat filters (work those fluffy ears, girl) and the girl in front of me that had her laptop clock open and was literally counting down the seconds until she could leave. Same.

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