By Nexus
Jul 08, 2019

Red Card Ideas

(Credit to the people of Instagram, Reddit and Facebook pages Piri Weepu ate all the pies and Could be keen <3)

Metaphorical card thrown down once per year by each person within a group of mates to initiate a no-backing-out, absolute slaughterhouse of a night. Any persons who fail to follow the challenge through will be punished.

Study Theme:
book out a library room for a lock-in of around 4 hours, with each player bringing an 18-box of Mavs and their week’s tutorial work. Participants can’t leave until they’ve finished their box and tutorial work to a minimum B+ grade. If you’re caught and kicked out, you all must do a naked run through the PWC.

The Olympic Games:
Players dress up as athletes (include an opening ceremony) compete in teams, and compete in a series of challenges. Challenges may include beer pong tournaments, funnel races, Drinking Mario Kart (each player must finish an entire beer during a Mario Kart race. Catch? Drunk driving is not permitted, so players must stop and pull to the roadside in order to drink), Bobsledding (meet at a local hill. Bring a makeshift sled, beverage and a cup per person. Create a short jump at the end of each player’s lane. The goal is to run the bobsledding race enough times to finish your beer, without being sprayed), a timed bat race (spin around a bat 10 times, run to a bottle and finish), or a marathon (centurion style: 1 shot per minute for 100 minutes). Winners are decided by a points system and rewarded medals.

David Bain:
all participants must wear ugly sweaters and carry a bag of newspapers/circulars. Complete a ‘paper route’ by sprinting around the block carrying the bag, then consume a shot in each room of the flat. The loser is locked in ‘prison’ (a flat cupboard/bedroom) until they finish their box.

Amy Winehands:
players must duct tape wine bottles to their hands. Once finished, each player must find a stranger to untape them. The first to finish gets sent to ‘rehab’ (they don’t have to drink for the rest of the night) and decides the number of shots remaining players have to consume in a given timeframe. The winner is once again sent to rehab. Repeat until one person - the loser - remains, who must perform a teary rendition of an Amy Winehouse song to be shared on everyone’s Snapchat stories.

Amazing Race:
participants must finish a box at their flats and proceed to the nearest airport through any means other than driving (drunk driving is strictly forbidden). Hitch-hiking, bussing and Ubers are all acceptable. Last one to the airport must catch the cheapest one-way domestic flight, paid for by the other folks chipping in.

Tradies’ Night:
consume a pie, a crate bottle and a dart every hour until you finish half your crate. Punishment for not finishing = you become the apprentice at the next piss up, on the broom picking up empties and refreshing the lads with cold ones.

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