By Nexus
Jul 08, 2019

Minecraft - Game


Remember the old days, when you and the boys would boot up your cracked copies of Minecraft on your computers and jump on Skype to talk shit while you spent your days building those fuckin epiiiic castles, playing the “Minecraft Hunger Games” or downloading those super fuckin siiick gun mods? A nostalgic memory from yesteryear, and nothing more...or is it? The power of memes once again bring about the impossible, as adults begin to grasp Minecraft away from the clutches of the young kids who have forsaken it. With more content than anyone ever imagined in 2012, Minecraft has risen from its ashes and is leading us back into its treacherous and blocky world. Get a controller and hop on your mate’s PS4; with split-screen multiplayer, it’s an easy way to burn off 7 hours of the day you should have spent on uni work, all the while offering a far more satisfying feeling of accomplishment at the end of it all. From racist undertones to Freudian symbolism, the neo-classic video game masterpiece Minecraft offers a diverse and complicated world that any true university scholar, such as ourselves, should take pleasure in deconstructing, both physically and intellectually.

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