By Nexus
Jul 08, 2019

Outback VS Static

This VS That

If you haven’t visited Outback on a night out, you haven’t truly been to town. Sure, you could risk getting caught on camera under some bright-AF lighting while tongue-locked with a 2/10 at House on Hood, or chill with your parent’s seedy friends at Shenanigans - but fear not, there’s an alternative. Picture this: a DJ rocking remixes to all the songs you know and love, with the perfect mixture of tunes fit for bellowing to from the heart of your repressed emotions, or fist-punching to some killer drops. A D-floor packed with every town-rat mate you have, and therefore a high likelihood of being able to spot your current crush. A venue often packed with the diverse likes of SACHI, Sean Kingston, Drax Project, and even fucking Dave Dobbyn. Plus, perhaps the only place in Hamilton where it’s acceptable to turn up on a few particularly special nights a year dressed up in the likes of suspicious white foam, schoolgirl outfits, and even your old bed sheets. Kids, come through the comforting, open doors of Outback (I mean, unless you’re over 25, in which case fuck off to Keystone),
which is just as full of dust and wild animals as the name would suggest.

Alright alright alright, let’s face it: you’ve probably had more than enough of hearing singalongs being belted out by white girls in other establishments in town by second year (If you haven’t, sort your shit out). You want to find something that is more about the doof obsession that you have. The real, ear-pleasing music that you have been looking forward to raving to all week. There’s no other place than Static to satisfy this need. That’s right, it’s a need. I said it. There you go. Static is home to the seshest of gremlins who love their rave culture as much as I do and I love it. Studies have shown that regular Static patrons radiate big dick energy everywhere they go, everyone knows that they have the superior taste in music. At the end of the day, if you wanna scream High School Musical tracks with seedy as fuck guys grinding on you, then be my guest.

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