By Nexus
May 27, 2019

Full Exposure: Dead Favours

For the last three years, alternative rock group Dead Favours have been making waves in the New Zealand music scene. With the announcement of their debut album Misbehaviour, we thought we’d get in with an interview before they rise to stardom so we can say we knew them when.

Nexus: So, how did Dead Favours come to be?
DF: Charlie and Jared were friends from the early 2000s after crossing paths in bands. Charlie put a message on Facebook asking if anyone wanted to jam and Jared saw the message and set up a beer together. One thing led to another, and they ended up jamming. Charlie knew Kyle from playing in bands together and asked Kyle if he would join the jam. Shortly after Dead Favours was born. Will joined the band in early 2019 and has also played in bands with Charlie and Kyle over the years.
Nexus: What’s been the best part of getting into the music industry?
DF: Getting to travel with your good friends, playing the music you love and occasionally free booze!
Nexus: Last year was quite a big year for you guys, with your tour with Rise Against and playing Homegrown - what’s the plan for 2019? We hear there’s an album in the works?
DF: Yes, we had an awesome year in 2018. We’ve just finished a tour with Skinny Hobos that was a great time as well as our 2nd appearance at Homegrown! In July we’re joining Villainy on their national tour, and most importantly our debut album is finally coming out on JUNE 21ST!!!!!!
Nexus: How do you feel about the New Zealand music industry? Is Auckland the place to be?
DF: I love the NZ music industry. I love that NZ is a small place and our industry is even smaller. The great thing about this is that you get to know everyone pretty quickly. There are some amazing people, and talents, in NZ and it’s a pleasure to get to know everyone and play alongside them. Some of my closest friends have been found through music. It depends on what you want to achieve in your musical career, but I would definitely suggest Auckland is a foot in the door in terms of being available for opportunities when they come along.
Nexus: You’re latest single Lost on You is one hell of a tune! What was the process behind writing and recording that song?
DF: Thank you very much! Not all of our songs have deep and meaningful themes or lyrics but Lost On You does. Our singer Jared went through years of difficult family issues and ended up learning some pretty valuable lessons along the way. It is essentially a break-up song, but instead of a love interest, it’s a family member, hence the line “the meaning of family is Lost On You”.
Nexus: Does the band have any must-do pre-gig rituals?
DF: It’s no secret tequila is our drink of choice. We don’t have many pre-gig rituals other than just hanging out and relaxing over a beer. We like to have a shot of tequila about 30 mins before the show, and a shot 2 mins before we go on. It seems to get us in the perfect mood.
Nexus: Who do you look to for some inspiration when you’re creating new pieces?
DF: We all have different influences, and I think that’s one of the most effective parts to us writing songs as a band. We all draw from different styles and bands, and we bring them together. We seem to have a knack to blend them all pretty well. A lot of the songs come from Kyle’s heavy, dirty riffs, with Jared’s melodic, pop vocals over the top.
Nexus: Besides some serious musical skills, do any of the boys have some party tricks up their sleeves?
DF: I’m pretty sure we could eat a bucket of wings and drink a bottle of tequila quicker than any other band. I’m not sure if that’s anything to be proud of, but we know our place in the world.
Nexus: If you could claim one song that’s already been written as your own, what would it be?
DF: This is the most difficult question of all time. There are soooo many songs I wish I had written. 90% of anything Paul Mccartney, Simon and Garfunkel, Tom Petty, Josh Homme, Dave Grohl and Jimmy Page has written would be a start ;)
Nexus: Any advice for our struggling students who are facing exams in a couple of weeks time?
DF: Work hard and bust your balls now. You won’t regret it in the future!
Nexus: Lastly, what’s the best type of pie?
DF: Mince and Cheese, and I’ll fight anyone to the death that says otherwise. Don’t f*** with a classic.

Dead Favours debut album Misbehaviour is out June 21st on all platforms, and you can catch them on the road with Villainy this July! Go to for more info.

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