By Danielle Marks
May 27, 2019

Campus Fashion

When you think of fashion, you think of everything you see on the outside, right? But what about our unspoken truths? Why do we not talk about our underwear more often? I know everyone wears underwear or has at some point in their life, so it’s really no secret that we’ve dealt with that department before. I’m not shaming those who go commando. You have courage I am yet to gain.

THIS ONE IS FOR MY PEOPLE WHO BLEED (because for those who don’t know already, it’s not just womxn who bleed down there)!

In the age of more sustainable fashion, there has been a growing area of interest for those who use menstrual products. I’m absolutely loving the new ideas where people are trying to make sure that we reduce our waste in terms of menstrual products. A wave of menstrual cups has been introduced and has saved lots of people lots of money. It’s been wild. Even I got on this craze and haven’t looked back (thank you, menstrual cups, for saving my bank account).

What I have been currently intrigued with is the rise of period underwear. What is it, you say? It’s an innovation that uses a special material that can hold blood in the underwear while also being a breathable fabric that does not give you that uncomfortable pad feeling. A brand called “I am Eva” that is based in New Zealand uses bamboo fibres and a special absorbency layer to accommodate for people with periods who want to be more sustainable and save their money.

The war on period poverty has been kicked up a notch by the introduction of such products like these that are cheap ($40 a pair) that last time and time again. You wear them as you would normal underwear, and all you have to do is give it a rinse with water before you chuck them in the wash for another day! It’s pretty simple in that sense, but what does it truly mean in the world of fashion?

The use of bamboo is effective in a way that it is a renewable source, cause we all love saving the planet, right? The thing is, for too long people have been told how they should consume, and this initiative is putting the emphasis of the conversation back to the people who should be leading the charge on such issues.

I am Eva are super cool in the fact that they are a New Zealand based company but also, they work alongside brand NOPESISTERS, who advocate for more sustainable clothing products. NOPESISTERS work with other New Zealand based companies to ensure we end the harm that period poverty brings. This brought in help from the Wā Collective (if you haven’t already purchased a menstrual cup from WSU yet, I strongly recommend you do) who provides menstrual cups for cheap as piss and it’s free shipping to the University if you end up getting those hookups.

We have so many options as a society to purchase clothing that can not only save us money but also save the planet. It’s pretty cool that we allow ourselves to thrive for ourselves and exist in these communities who want to make a change to the way we consume. Long live this revolution!

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